Summer’s here, and so are long days spent hanging out in the park, at the beach or by the pool. McDonald’s wants to be a part of that, so it’s invented a picnic blanket complete with a QR code that you can scan to have the chain’s grub delivered to you, wherever that might be.

The McDelivery service is currently only available in Sweden, and the limited-edition blankets can only be won through McDonald Sweden’s social media channels, so they’re not actually for sale.

According to the company, this is how it works: after scanning the QR code on the blanket, your geographic location is sent to a delivery service of your choice (in Sweden, a handful of apps, including Uber Eats, work with McDelivery to process orders). Then the McDonald’s location closest to you prepares the order, and voilà … you’ve got yourself some fast-food on a blanket.

“We love to surprise our guests with new, innovative solutions that make it easier for them to enjoy our food,” said Sofie Lager, marketing manager at McDonald’s Sweden. “We have already seen McDelivery’s success since its launch about a year ago, and now we want to give everyone out enjoying the summer the possibility to get their Big Mac or Happy Meal straight to the picnic blanket without moving an inch.”

The concept isn’t dissimilar to a service that Domino’s announced last year called “Hotspots,” which delivers pizza to customers in parks, stadium lots, beaches and other places without a traditional address.

The picnic blanket was created by Nord DDB, which recently introduced another innovation for McDonald’s Sweden: tiny restaurant replicas called McHives that double as beehives. The McHives were created to combat and spread awareness of declining bee populations.

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