Our mission is to simplify marketing for our clients.

At Vital Branding we simplify the marketing process for our clients by providing a wide variety of services, which eliminates the need to work with multiple companies. We work to visually and verbally position each client to be at a competitive advantage from the start.

The best part of our jobs is watching businesses grow. 

Vital Branding is a full service marketing and design firm located in New York, NY. We assess each opportunity individually for our clients, and take a consistent long-term approach, making sure that your business remains recognizable — and relevant — to both current and future clients and customers. We have worked with clients within a wide scope on industries, including medical, technology, construction, real estate, aviation, travel and more.

Our team is comprised of fresh minded individuals.

Our team is comprised of individuals whom have worked within the medical, corporate, construction, retail, fashion, media, technology and entertainment industries. We have a unique combination of backgrounds, in which we are easily adaptable and inspired by each of our clients fields of expertise.


Our team is comprised of fresh, creative minds with a track record of success within a full service marketing agency..

Tara Walsh

President & Founder

Tara has worked within the marketing industry for over 10 years, in which she has helped grow businesses ranging from major corporations to start-ups. From the start of her career, she was involved in creating complex, national marketing strategies for major corporations.

Rashmi Narendra

Designer & Brand Strategist

Rashmi has a graduate degree in design, in which she started out her career in fashion as a strategist for notable labels. Rashmi has an acute eye for design and the critical elements of powerful branding, in which she has launched numerous successful brands.

Dino Bartoleme

App/Website Programmer & SEO Specialist

Dino is our programming guru, in which he is also fluent in website and application programming.  Dino holds numerous certifications from Google and is advanced in the latest components of website and search engine optimization.

 Brienne Zipperer

Content Developer & Writer

Brienne is a writer, photographer and critic who contributes to publications such as The New York Times, The Village Voice, Art in America, Interview, ArtReview, Architectural Digest, The Huffington Post, Glo, Paper, nymag.com, The New York Daily News and Forbes, among other publications.

Brendan Walsh

Digital Social Media & Content Strategist

Brendan has worked on the Vital Branding team since its inception. At Vital, he works to help build the digital reputations for some of NYC’s top physicians, with a focus on social media. Since the start, he has continually come up with unique ideas to meet the evolving needs of all our clientele.


Eleonora Quizmolli

 PR & Production

Eleonora is a public relations expert and event producer.  Originally from Switzerland, Eleonora has experience in PR & events for major fashion brands, movie premiers, award ceremonies, conferences and trade shows. She has built an invaluable rolodex of resources both for press outreach & event production.


We are consistently inspired by each of our clients industries of expertise.

I couldn’t be happier working with the Vital Branding team. They take initiative in creating and executing anything marketing related and am continually impressed with what they deliver.

Dr. Bruce Yaffe, Yaffe Ruden & Associates

The whole image of my company has changed because of Vital Branding. They have made us look fresh and modern, which definitely differentiates us within the industry. They have branded and marketing various products, including one which we licensed to a targeted major company.

Ross Fein, DFB Sales

I was lucky to be connected to Tara, who is an ongoing advisor and source of wisdom for anything marketing. She has also helped to connect me with various key contacts to grow my business, in addition to giving branding and marketing assistance.

Chris Ochoa, FocusVR

I came to Vital Branding with a social campaign idea, which they made into an incredible story with a unique look and message to reach my target audience.

Colleen Meenan, Meenan & Associates


We are a creative agency that consistently strives to go above and beyond client expectations.

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