Over the past few months, with the rise of homework and more interest in digital branding, I have been asked numerous times what domain name extension is best for business and personal websites. The obvious, truthful answer is .com. However, the reality is that most quality domain names with the extension .com owned. There is a whole community of domain investors, some of which are full-time jobs, that bank on domain names as a form of financial equity.
Almost always, the .com name desired by a business is already owned. This is particularly relevant for domains with popular keywords and a letter count of under eight characters. The prices are steep to buy them from the owner, leading to the quest to secure the same name with a different extension. Often, people assume the next best choice would be a .net domain.
As a digital marketer for over a decade, .net domain extensions have always resonated with me as a “spammy” website. I am yet to come across any progressive, well-funded company that uses the domain extension .net (I am open for debate). However, I have seen many tech start-ups use the domain extension .co. I have also seen .co domains on domain investor auction sites as the second most expensive after .co. To those who question the .co, see the below statistics before choosing your next domain name.