When it comes to branding and digital marketing, there is no easy way to succeed. Thoughtful creativity not only applies to visuals but also quality services/products, content writing, positioning, and strategic targeting. The truth is it is there is a gold rush happening within the digital sphere, and ignoring it as a business is not possible for future success. As an agency, we are genuinely passionate about what we do and love our jobs. We spent the time to write this article with positive intent to help your business succeed through the pyramid of branding and marketing for 2020.




Let’s start at the beginning of the process, or the “base” of the pyramid. This starts with your business and what you provide. Overall, are your clients or customers genuinely happy about what you put out into the world? Do you have people that come back to you for new services or products? In this current marketplace, consumers have become less immune to older standards of marketing, where agencies could use the right amount of fluff and buzz to create a successful brand with little to back it up in terms of a great company.


The sad news for companies that provide low quality, overpriced services, or products with a lot of fluff and deception is no longer possible. All it takes is one Google search of your company name to find bad reviews, articles, and “high authority” negativity. So the base of the pyramid is a truly, great company with a genuine intent to provide either or a service or product to benefit the end-user. Unfortunately, the world of fluff through quality branding with an internal structure of nothingness is collapsing all over every industry.




So now that we established, you can’t hide behind quality branding with poor intent, or the previous “capitalistic” deception, you need to develop who you are as a company and what benefit you provide the world. The more specific and niche this benefit is better. The clarity and transparency of benefits are also vital. As an example, you are a general practitioner physician who is passionate about the benefits of healthy eating. It may be tempting to push things like drug companies to patients, but that is not going to work in the digital sphere. What IS going to work is to target your passion and knowledge of healthy eating into your ethos of your practice and the clear benefits it provides to patients. It is a little scary to lead down a future with this intent, but keep in mind the end goal and where the business will be in the future. Be CONFIDENT in your passion because your confidence and positive intent will result in the satisfaction of the end-user.




The next step up in the pyramid is to develop a quality brand image and mission. Spend the time and money to make a modern logo and hire someone who is a fantastic content writer. Sit down with them and educate them as much as possible on your business and background. Work hand in hand with them to develop the image you want to project, but at the same time, let them be the end decision-makers in their PASSION for branding and marketing. Create a strong foundation of your brand that you are going to showcase to the world. Be confident, creative, bold, and unique- think less about the immediate profit and more so on the long-term results.




The pyramid now moves up to the thing that older generations are struggling- and for the most part, actively protesting- which is the basics of digital marketing. Are you still handing out printed brochures to your end-users and paying thousands of dollars to be featured at a trade show? Do you feel like a website is just not that important, and social media is a waste of time? Yeah, that is going to be a problem for your company’s future. The savvy companies who are working with the best agencies are setting up the ultimate basics for digital marketing starting at a responsive website with high quality visual and written content that loads fast, works great on mobile, and offers some interactivity with intent. They also are setting up profiles with matching branding and content on literally every popular and upcoming social platform and grabbing those branded usernames. Next, they are setting up listings, trade profiles, e-commerce listings, and other vital items within the given industry. It is a DIGITAL GOLD RUSH for companies to get those digital spots for future visibility and profit. Do you know how much ring.com cost? 1 million dollars.




This really could be the base of the pyramid, but for this purpose, the top of our pyramid leads to the ongoing pyramid platform for success. Once you are all set-up with the basics of digital marketing, next, you need to spend the time spreading the message of who you are and what you do. Be thoughtful in this process, and do not try to take short cuts. Do things like make videos of who you are as a brand with genuine insights into your company. Talk to people on social platforms not only to push your business but also to offer insightful knowledge as a brand within your industry. Take pictures, pictures, pictures and videos, videos, videos. Archive everything and push to create some form of unique content every day. At this point, it is time to also invest in digital advertising and other more traditional forms of promotion because if you are doing everything right, people are going to be happy they saw your ad and share it.




We could spend days writing about our knowledge and how we got to the above, but this is our passion, and we have good intentions. Things like that fact, Google and Instagram algorithms prioritize the visibility of businesses with high-quality content, and positive engagement should be enough. The good news is that the world is moving to a better, more equitable place of commerce and service exchange. The positive intent of businesses and people as a whole will change the generations to come. So take a deep breath and visualize how you are going to contribute to a more positive world in your everyday actions- and not through the dollars in your bank account.