One of Vital Branding’s core industries we have served is the construction industry.  We have worked for numerous general contractors and construction managers, in which we have grown to have a solid sense of the elements it takes to grow a construction business through marketing and branding.


Below are a few key elements of construction marketing we suggest and help improve for each of our clients:


  1. Consistent Branding – Having a consistent brand image is important for all companies, but not all companies have the time or energy to implement proper branding. All major corporations have standardized branding and it has been proven to psychologically reinforce a company is reliable and consistent. Proper branding for construction companies means consistently using the same logo, font, color palette and imagery across all marketing.  This means down to the last detail- you company business card should match your jobsite workmen’s shirt.  Every element of your company visible to the outside world should be properly branded- it ends up making a huge difference. We help companies properly brand themselves with everything from new décor/signage in their offices to standardized collateral to bring to meetings to branded social media profiles.


  1. Improving Digital Footsteps – Not all construction companies we have worked with truly understand the value of digital marketing for the construction industry. However we are firm believers that prospective clients likely Google your companies name, in which everything that shows up can make a difference in their decision making process.  We first help companies build responsive websites that properly communicates their firms value.  Next we build social profiles and construction related profiles- so every link that shows up on the first page of Google for your companies name is a positive reflection of what you do.  Whether we like it or not, social media is not going away, in which building your brands voice on the major platforms will grow your reach for years to come. All top construction companies have a major voice on social media, which tells us it has real value to their businesses. Social media is a great way to build your voice and unique qualities as a construction company.  Updating social media also allows you to reach a much wider net of prospective clientele.


  1. Collection of Project Photography – Not all construction companies are diligent in setting up professional photography of photo worthy finished projects. You would be surprised at the size of firms we have worked for that have little to no photos of their previous finished work.  Photographing work is a must for construction companies- the photography can be used for years and is solid selling tool for new work.  We work with construction companies to source photographers, set up shoots and archive photography.


At Vital Branding, we are experts at building construction businesses through marketing and branding.  Contact us today to see how we can help build your business- invest in your future today!