Content marketing has become the dominating factor in digital marketing.  Content is king, in which one must evolve with the trends to producing memorable, effective content.  Below are some top ways to ignite content marketing in 2017.

1. Combine the written word with visual content

This is where branding comes into play.  In addition to well written content, one must also produce unique, branded visual content.  This includes everything from branded posts to instagram to short introductory videos to useful inforgraphics.  The production of visual content is a great tool to get brand recognition within the digital landscape.

2. Make content that is highly targeted

We often see clients making the mistake of marketing a wide range of services or products, rather then focusing on a targeted area.  When content is focused on a targeted area, it is more likely to be picked up by Google and thus shared with a greater targeted audience.  The key is to create educational, highly targeted content that your audience cannot find elsewhere. Having an invaluable voice allows brands to become authorities within their given industry.

3. Focus on reader retention

Retaining a loyal customer is far easier then acquiring a new customer.  Best of all, loyal customers are those whom are most likely to make referrals to your business.  Engaging with readers through unique promotions, easily navigated content and overall individual interactions are a few steps for ongoing retention.  In short, give your readers a reason to keep coming back by providing invaluable information and rewards.

4. Embrace user-generated content

Users trust other users, in which sharing content on your business generated by a user is a great tool for engagement and brand loyalty.  If someone has something great to say about your business, share it on your social media or website and give them credit.  User generated content goes a long way, in which businesses should encourage engagement and feedback of content.

5. Promote your content

With all the great analytics tools available for digital marketing, it is easy to determine which content speaks the loudest to your audience.  Repurpose this content to a wider audience through paid promotions, in which social media advertising is a great place to start.  Additionally, Google Adwords provides a highly targeted solution for popular keyword searches.  In summary, if you know your content is valuable, don’t waste the opportunity in sharing it with a larger audience.